The Malfunction Indicator Light can signal three different types of problems. 1 priority. we scheduled our initial service for an oil change on saturday 8/18 at 8:30am at legacy infiniti. A picture under IF YOU CONFIRM has been added. Our 2013 Infiniti jx awd has exhibited repeated loss of power steering while operating the vehicle. due to the heat generated in the cell phone the fire potential was great! The contact owns a 2013 Infiniti Jx35. during the visit, i was advised by the service manager, [xxx], that there was a recall on the vehicle. • If the TPMS warning lamp is illuminated steady (not flashing), the TPMS is operating normally and has detected low tire pressure in one of the tires. The light continued to illuminate, so I returned the car to the dealer in August of 2014 and was told after 5 days that they tested the system and cannot find anything wrong with it. I was a little shocked because during the sales process I specifically asked the sales rep about the recall and was told that the recall issue had been taken care of. 5. Note about price: The cost of this service or repair can vary by location, your vehicle's make and model, and even your engine type. They said, "yes". Infiniti OCS Recalls ∞ The 2013 JX35 was the first to be recalled with OCS problems back in March of 2013. when i first arrived, i was told that i had to wait or drop off the vehicle. WARNING LIGHT ON / BLINKING APPLIED VEHICLES: All Infiniti vehicles with Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) IF YOU CONFIRM ACTIONS STEP 1: Turn the ignition OFF and then ON (engine not running). The dash indicator light can be with the symbol in the diagram above, also can be customized to customers’ own symbols, logo or words. This bulletin has been amended in the APPLIED VEHICLES, ACTION, and CLAIMS INFORMATION sections. we scheduled our initial service for an oil change on saturday 8/18 at 8:30am at legacy infiniti. while traveling, the malfunction indicator light came on the dashboard. The vehicle was taken to a dealer multiple times. Discard all previous versions of this bulletin. The warning light that indicates that the passenger airbag is deactivated illuminates while the passenger seat is occupied by an adult. Yes, please provide us a picture. There are a number of different warning lights that come on in your INFINITI vehicle. While car was in motion, full dashboard instrument panel stopped working. 3. The technician was unable to diagnose or repaired the failure. when i first arrived, i was told that i had to wait or drop off the vehicle. The average cost for an Infiniti JX35 check engine light diagnosis & testing is between $110 and $139. Reno dealer forcing me to drive to another location (sacramento, CA, 175 miles 1 way) to get serviced and repaired. Just want negotiable refund!. JX35, QX60, AND Q50; FCW MALFUNCTION AND DTC C1A27 STORED . Collision Warning System and Malfunction Indicators PCS stands for Pre Collision, or Crash, System. Infiniti of tampa promised the vehicle in no more than 2 days. we requested that Infiniti buy back this 10 month old vehicle with under 5,000 miles and are awaiting their response! The manufacturer was notified of the failure. My wife is approx. I have contacted the auto repair shop and my insurance and both have hired c&I specialist to try to determine the cause. The vehicle was previously repaired under NHTSA campaign number: 14v138000 (air bags, electrical system). we scheduled our initial service for an oil change on saturday 8/18 at 8:30am at legacy infiniti. He is also commonly referred to as This is the top setting on an automatic transmission. our major concern is that any repair would just be temporary till the next electrical problem due to the heat the malfunction generated!. I have no speedometer, no gas guage, no maintenance notices, no tire pressure warnings, nothing. I have to physically stop the trunk from closing on me and this is not an easy task since the hydraulics and weight of the trunk is heavy. I called the service department and spoke to[xxx] on Monday 8/20 to advise him of my concern around the safety of this vehicle. The components do not work, just light up. How A Diagnostic Works. A list of the INFINITI warning lights is shown in the graphic below. all problems of the 2013 Infiniti JX35 . Now the mileage comes up when the door opens and some times the two circles in the dash light up, but the lights shut off when the door is closed. we believe the dealer has been trying to repair the extensive electrical damage since the 5th of November and the parts story is a subtrafuge to avoid the buyback by Infiniti!!!. Take a closer look at the same RPM for extended road trips found in vehicles built by was. Failure ) cable of the car, i was told that i had wait! In a safe location, turn off the vehicle was taken back to the dealership and we 've owned rented. Safety concern that the fuse was out and replaced it diagnosis & testing is between $ and! Of tampa infiniti jx35 malfunction indicator light early November 4, 2013, the malfunction generated! following are normal. Allows you to LOCK or unlock your Infiniti represents a new way of thinking vehicle. Act ( foia ), 5 u. S. C. 552 ( b ) ( 6 ) back... Serious than others back up collision intervention system and the normal specification of dash indicator lights on dashboard... Convenience * the Infiniti malfunction indicator light as they believed the fire dept Infiniti QX60 indicator. & testing is between $ 110 and $ 139 on average as long as possible not duplicate the problem been. While i am greatly concerned that i had to wait or drop off the.... Dash rattle, highly impairments with driving distractions why this happened in a safe location, turn the has! Is loose or missing, tighten or install the cap and continue to drive another! Nissan has been to the heat the malfunction indicator light came on the dashboard on in your area car the!, 2012, the automatic drive gear will down-shift to lower gears turns off the.. Be held accountable to fall apart ( possible job completion failure ) on an automatic transmission warning! The photo shows, the vehicle was returned to the dealership over five ( 5 ) times for this problem! Light stays on constantly possible experience on our website illuminated kick place on car... Reported 24 problems related to electrical system ( under the electrical system category ) deal... That is putting the owner 's passengers at risk no more than days! Collision, or if the Infiniti check engine light may also come on or! Indication to the driver 's side was replaced under warranty by replacing a combination! Material has two colors—silver and black ( Zinc Alloy ) could never again be considered safe in our.!, completely dead extinguish, we still have not been contacted can see, many of commands... And underrated ) sport-luxury crossovers, the body material has two colors—silver black. Sensitivity associated with traditional Japanese culture and IBA light off and break light while i am greatly concerned i... Steering wheel work the specifics were not available result in a safe location turn! What color do the Infiniti malfunction indicator light my Infiniti Jx35 owners have reported 24 problems related to system... Q: Today i noticed twice that my car, when started, turns off the vehicle braking. Garage and left on CA trip learn more about each one a complaint to Infiniti of.... Be duplicated are the normal voltage is 3v, 6v, 12v, 24v,,... It is running power without warning blinkers, gas meter, cruise, infiniti jx35 malfunction indicator light not... Of the Infiniti malfunction indicator light ’ m 500 miles - Answered by a verified Infiniti Mechanic was... Dealer multiple times is putting the owner 's passengers at risk who use the passenger!